Ongoing Projects

Project Donor/ Funding by Project area Activity Project Sanction Year
Promotion of Women Farmer Producer Organization National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Odisha Lakhanpur and Jharsuguda Block of Jharsuguda district, Odisha • Rural women farmer’s livelihood promotion. • Integrated farming practices. • Vegetable & fruits cultivation. • Vermicompost production. • Promotion of Dairy, goatery and poultry farming. • Aggregation, Processing, Grading, Shorting & Marketing of the Agri products. • Enhancement of skill and capacity on agriculture through exposure visit. 2016
Watershed Development Project National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Odisha Kuhukunda and Badimal Watershed Area • Land Development. • Forest Protection & Afforestation. • To Reduce soil erosion & Water Conservation. • Bio diversification. • Livelihood promotion through agriculture, horticulture & allied activities. 2018
Agriculture Production Cluster Directorate of Horticulture, A & FE Department Govt. of Odisha Lakhanpur and Jharsuguda Block of Jharsuguda district • Organizing smallholder women farmers in to Producer Groups. • Horticulture and Agriculture Promotion. • Irrigation Opportunity Creation. • Livestock promotion • Fruit Tree Plantation • Micro Entrepreneurship Development. • Farming and off farming capacity building development. • Organic farming promotion • Collective marketing. 2021
Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal areas of Odisha Agriculture Technology and Management Agency (ATMA), Jharsuguda, Directorate of Agriculture and Food Production Govt. of Odisha Lakhanpur and Jharsuguda blocks of Jharsuguda district • Increasing household consumption of millets by 25% to the baseline. • Revalorization of millet food cultures in urban and rural areas. • Conservation and promotion of millet landrace through seed system of landraces • Promotion of post-harvest and primary processing enterprises on millets. • Promotion of millet value addition enterprises in rural and urban areas of Odisha. 2022
Fruit Bearing Tree Plantation Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai Lakhanpur and Jharsuguda blocks of Jharsuguda district • Sensitization and Awareness creation on fruit bearing tree plantation. • Follow-up of farmers. • Information sharing and network. 2022
Development of Khus khus (Vetiver.)- Advance processing and marketing National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Odisha Lakhanpur Block of Jharsuguda • Strengthening women SHG livelihood through aromatic product making. • Skill based training and capacity building. • Entrepreneurship development. • Quality packaging and marketing. 2020
Skill for Life Project for adolescent group through suitable remedial measures Runaya Refining LLP, Jharsuguda. Odisha Jharsuguda Block • Understanding and capacity to sensitize various development stakeholders including CBOs, PRIs, the bureaucracy and the government on the intricacies of development issues and policies. • Access to entitlements and rights to live with dignity especially for the marginalized and discriminated people and strengthen local governance in at least two districts of the state. • Enumerate and map out local livelihood opportunities and strengthen management of capacity building initiatives for improvement in food security status of the rural poor. • Demonstrate the enhancement of quality secondary and primary education in the district through strengthening the base of the education. 2022
Crop Diversification Programme Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment Government of Odisha. Mega Lift Irrigation Project, Lakhanpur Block, Jharsuguda District. Odisha • Diversification from paddy to non -paddy crops with focus on pulses & oilseeds and Horticultural crops in upland/medium land in Kharif.  Improving soil health through promotion of crops with heavy biomass and less chemical input requirement.  Integration with livestock and fishery. 2022
Promoting Natural Resource Conservation & Sustainable Agriculture in Forest Fringe Villages of Jharsuguda District of Odisha LTIMindtree Foundation & Foundation for Ecological Security (FES). 3 Blocks of Jharsuguda district (Lakhanpur.Kirmira & Laikera) 1.-Restoration of degraded forest and other commons. 2-Organizing village institutions for governance and restoration of forest and other natural resources. 3-Capacity building of leaders, local cadres, PRI (Panchayati Raj Institution) members for conservation and restoration of forests and other natural resources. 4-Providing support at village level for using tools and technology for developing and implementing forest and other natural resource management plans. 5-Providing support to farmers for adopting sustainable agriculture practices for improved environment preservation. 2023