About AJKA

Background information of proposed organization

Anchalik Jana Kalyan Anusthan (AJKA) is local leading NGO legally established and initially registered under society registration Act 1860, it has been working since last 22 years on sustainable livelihoods, quality secondary education, community adolescents’ health, and participatory governance in the district of Jharsuguda. It has become part of our strategy to promote women, children and adolescent group from Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Castes and other backward communities through welfare activities for sustainable livelihoods. The main strategies of AJKA are capacity building, networking and collaboration for the effective implementation of the different programs and activities.

Initiating debates on the various development matters and devising effective mechanisms for prompt response to them is also part of the strategy of AJKA. Working with group of organizations – both at local and at national levels –towards information dissemination, awareness generation, advocacy and lobby has become a core strategy of AJKA. Mainstreaming gender is also an important organizational strategy which is believed to be inbuilt in all developmental interventions. Adhering to a more realistic, practical, and bottom-up approach in the process of interventions has made the organization as a learning organization. Similarly, AJKA has been focusing on enhancing quality secondary education as it is the door step of mainstreaming the community.

AJKA, as a registered organization has adopted a pro-people framework of management system while fixing accountability at each stage. As per the present framework, the secretary is the key person and all the organizational works and system of decision-making runs in the name of secretary. Down to the secretary, there are coordinators for program and program support (administration and accounts) who coordinate the respective works on a day-to-day basis. There are assistant coordinators and field level volunteers who are responsible for the implementation of the different programs. All the important decisions are lie with the board of governors (governing body) comprising 7 members including the president, the secretary and the treasurer.


“Our vision is to build a just and equitable society where socially, economically and culturally excluded communities, particularly women, children, and marginalized
groups, can grow and develop to their full potential, becoming active and
contributing members of our society and communities.”


“Assisting marginalized communities, especially women, children, adolescents,
vulnerable youth, landless people, and smallholders, to become economically
and socially empowered by promoting their rights and social justice.

Legal Status of the organization

Organization Registration Details

Registration Type


Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

Registration No.23578/01

Date of registration: 19.06.2000

FCRA number Date & Registration

Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India,

New Delhi, under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act,


FCRA No: 105000009

Date: 24.08.2022 (Renewed Till.30.09.2027.

Income Tax & 80G Registration Details 

AAAAA6593KF20226   /Date: 31.12.2021.

Income Tax & 12A Registration Details 

AAAAA6593KE20206 /Date: 27.05.2021.

PAN Card No


TAN Registration

BBNA02011C / Date: 30.06.2012.

Service Tax Registration

AAAAA6593KSD001 / Date: -08.02.2013.

NGO Darpan Unique ID

OR/2016/0109243 / Date:18.11.2016.

CSR Registration (Unique ID No

CSR: CSR0001386 / Dated: 27.08.2021.

General Accounts Detailed

1.A/C No-10707911202, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

2. A/C No-40569867762, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

3. A/C No-30151776146, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

4. A/C No-41195151564, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

5.A/C No-41209596782, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

6. A/C No-41122733365, State Bank of India, Panchgaon Branch, Jharsuguda

FC Accounts Detailed

Account No.40088158773, State Bank of India, NDMB, New Delhi, IFSC-SBIN0000691.

Name and Designation of the Chief Functionary

Mr. Goutam Behera, Secretary/Chief Functionary

Mobile: 9938172901.

Email: ajkajharsuguda.orissa@gmail.com

Operational Area:

Three districts i.e., Jharsuguda, Sundargarh and Sambalpur located in western Odisha, India.

Target Communities:

  • Multiple Marginalized Women (MMW), Children, Adolescent Girls and Vulnerable Youth.
  • Landless Laborers, Small and Marginal Farmers.
  • Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Economically Backward and Socially Excluded.


AJKA’s main thematic areas of development intervention include

Empowerment of the Poorest of the Poor through

  1. Social Education & Skill for Life.
  2. Social Health & WASH Promotion.
  3. Social Economy & Gender Equity.
  4. Natural Resource Management.
  5. Organic Farming Practices.
  6. NPM Management & Practices.